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Handy downloads:

1. Sex work and HIV pdf

2. Sex work and human rights pdf

3. Sex work and the Law pdf

4. Sex work and Human trafficking pdf

5. Sex work: the Swedish model pdf

6. Sex work : gender-based violence pdf

All aspects of sex work are currently a crime in South Africa. The criminalisation of sex work negatively impacts of sex workers by making them vulnerable to violence and making it difficult to access health and justice services whilst denying sex workers labour rights that all other employees are entitled to under labour law.

The decriminalisation of sex work is the model of law reform that respects human rights and is based on public health evidence. Following international evidence and best practice, decriminalisation will have the following effects on sex workers and South African society:

• Reduce the levels of gender based violence;

• Reduce the prevalence of HIV and other STIs;

• Create safer places for sex workers to work;

• Create safer societies; and

• Respect sex worker agency and choice of occupation.